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Company Fleet

We can help you achieve and maintain that perfect first impression through your branded lorries, trucks and vans.

Car Dealerships and Forecourts

Our skilled team of perfectionists will produce a flawless finish on every vehicle.

Car Valeting Relief

We offer a Valet Relief service to assist dealerships in coping with reduced staffing levels in valet bays due to annual leave and sickness.

BMW i8

Our bespoke cleaning services deliver results when you need it most. We will polish your vehicles to perfection prior to press launches, exhibitions and other special events.


E F Vehicle Preparation

EF Vehicle Preparation Ltd is a professional, car and vehicle valeting company providing fleet cleaning solutions to small, medium and large commercial fleets and car garage forecourts throughout Scotland.

We provide bespoke cleaning and valeting services to car dealership and commercial clients seeking a pristine finish on every vehicle in their fleet.

EF Vehicle Preparation Ltd offers professional fleet cleaning solutions for commercial vehicle fleets and car delearships / showrooms.


Commercial Fleet and Forecourt Car Valeting

Click here for more information about our bespoke commercial valeting services.

Our expertise in the commercial cleaning sector will bring you consistent results, continuous satisfaction, and save you money in the short and long-term. Read out about the benefits of using EF Vehicle Preparation Ltd by clicking here.

Allow the professionals to create and maintain the perfect first impression across your fleet and forecourt.