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Commercial Fleet Cleaning

"The face of your fleet is our trademark"

Your fleet carries your name, logo, and tagline, it is therefore, essential that the appearance of your fleet creates a positive first impression. Advertisers do not pay thousands of pounds for their branding to be obscured by dirt, grime and traffic film.

Maintaining a constantly clean fleet of vehicles is a major problem for fleet directors. There is a lack of dedicated and skilled employees with the sole responsibility for cleaning these vehicles. Commonly, staff members from other areas are roped in to clean the vehicles, taking them away from the day job that they are trained to do. This can result in inconsistent cleaning methods, poorly maintained vehicles and equipment damage caused by improper handling.

EF Vehicle Preparation Ltd can save fleet directors time and money. Our fully trained professionals can quickly produce unrivalled results in large quantities. We can clean an entire fleet in one day to ensure that all vehicles are pristine at any one time. We will ensure that vehicles are cleaned thoroughly and carefully to help you maintain the residual value of every vehicle in your fleet. Your drivers will take pride in driving spotless vehicles and take care to maintain that important first impression.

The face of your fleet is your reputation. We pride ourselves on ensuring that your vehicles are always pristinely presented. We know that well-maintained corporate and branded vehicles present many returns to our clients. We can help you achieve and maintain that perfect first impression through your branded Lorries, trucks and vans.

Whether you have a small fleet of delivery vans, food delivery vehicles or large fleet of vehicles over several sites EF Vehicle Preparation Ltd can deliver a tailored cleaning solution to meet your needs, at a competitive price.

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